obama’s agenda

10 Apr

Obama was raised with radicals and islam instilled in his training.  Stanley Ann Dunham ( his mother i understand0 was a radical activist in Washington state when in college in the early 60’s.  Evidently she became pregnant there & her parents moved to Hawaii to remove her from ridicule.  Obama sr was no where near there and was already maried under British rule.  She then married soroto( no mention of a divorce) and obama was addopted by sotoro and was an Indonisian citizen raised muslim.  The questions needing to be answered is who is his real father (malcolm x has been mentioned),  When did he reclaim the name barack obama instead of barry sotoro, who paid for his “foreign student” college fees?  So much more.  Google Stanley Ann Dunham.  My research capabilities is limited.  Anyone out there willing to find facts and spout off?


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